Lots o’ New Videos!

I’m combing through the SmoochyVaults™ this week and making some quick “static” videos of cover songs I’ve done. There will also FINALLY be a full production music video for “Part 6” from Broken Light in the Black Forest High. 

It’s been a painful 10 months without a proper live performance, So I’m also in the planning stages of a LIVE in-studio concert from the SmoochyCave™. I’ve been dying to premiere the new live show, which features lots of new music and a whole bunch of cool improvisation / jamming elements.

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Aaaaaaaaand, we’re back!

I took the last few months to offload my entire web presence from Godaddy and streamline it onto a lighter duty server over at Hostinger. It’s not perfect but it’s about 4 times cheaper. During the move, I also came to realize that I didn’t need an individual website for EVERY one of my projects, so I made the decision to funnel all my music stuff into this site.

I’ll be adding quite a bit more features to this site as time goes on — mostly looking forward to a time when I can post TOUR DATES again. I’ve also got about 50 songs in the pipe from my various projects. I have no release dates set yet, but I imagine I’ll start trickling them out in the last 2 months of 2020 before dropping some new LP’S and EP’s in 2021.

That’s all for now!