“…An accomplished multi-instrumentalist spitting out quality release after release as the head of Nophi Records as well as his own punishing output schedule, it’s easy to forgive him if he treads the same territory once or twice on an album, right?  Thankfully, we don’t have to.” – IGLOOMAG


“When not manning the helm at the Nophi Music Co., Atlanta-based Randy Garcia lays down his own amazing tracks. His latest release Resurgens breaks down the barriers between DIY punk rock, lo-fi electronica and danceable pop, blending them all into gorgeous, almost dreamlike soundscapes.” – WIRED


“Randy Garcia has quietly been building an empire… racking up an impressive catalog of releases that touch nearly every corner of the vast field of electronic music. Whether he’s releasing his own work under the r_garcia alias or putting out records by kindred spirits, the same enthusiasm and sense of purpose permeates everything he touches. It’s that enthusiasm that makes Garcia’s live performances so magical” – BRAINWASHED