“Smoochyface is the new moniker of longtime Atlanta music fixture Randy Garcia. Written after recent personal woes, the four-song EP, The Cracks Are Where the Light Shines Brightest, is essentially a mini rock opera based loosely on the Legend of Zelda and its connection to his state of being.” – Immersive Atlanta

Epic Snack Run is a browser-based 2D platform game about a pair of hungry dogs that steal a car and embark on a joyride to collect and eat as much junk food as possible. Starring my own two dogs and featuring an original soundtrack of 10 original Smoochyface instrumentals.

You can play on any PC or Mac computer with a Javascript compatible browser (Sorry, no mobile version yet!) The game is free to play and the soundtrack is free to download (though donations are accepted and appreciated!)

Play it Here: www.smoochyface.com/snacks/