Smoochyface is an indie band based in Atlanta, GA. Incorporating narrative elements from video games, cartoons, & comic books, Smoochyface combines the churn of fuzzy guitars with live improvisation for a unique experience in geek rock.

Led by musician, artist, and producer, R.Garcia as an outlet for his more personal musings, Smoochyface began performing live in 2017 in support of their debut EP, The Cracks Are Where the Light Shines Brightest, a 4-part suite of music inspired by the ‘Legend of Zelda’ video game series.

In 2018, Smoochyface followed up with a new EP, Broken Light in the Black Forest High, and a video game, ‘Epic Snack Run,’ which is a 2D platformer about two dogs stealing a car to go on an all-night junk food joyride.

Smoochyface is currently in the studio preparing a full-length album.