Welcome to the 12_21 project!

Each Month of 2021, I will be releasing a new EP/LP from Smoochyface, R_Garcia, Surf City Massacre or Nerd Parade. The exact order is not yet known, but I’m sitting on a giant pile of music and it’s about to bust out.



12_21 Project Current Releases

January 2021: R_Garcia – Remixes II

February 2021: Smoochyface – Turn Your Face to the Light So the Shadows Fall Behind You

March 2021: R_Garcia – Ojo

April 2021: Smoochyface – Quinceañera

May 2021: R_Garcia – Solum

June 2021: R_Garcia – Yoru

July 2021: Surf City Massacre – Rock Salt

August 2021: R_Garcia – Na/Na

September 2021: Smoochyface – Fandango / Freakin Out

October 2021: R_Garcia – Hasra

November 2021: Smoochyface – Caterwaul / Defendur

December 2021: TBD


“Smoochyface is an atlanta-based NERD ROCK project helmed by Randy Garcia (R_Garcia) that blends the churning fuzz of 90’s indie and alternative rock with the narratives from videogames, cartoons, and other pop cultural delicacies.”


Garcia composed his first songs on an early Commodore 64 computer (and later an Amiga 500). Soon after, he cobbled together a home studio by visiting the local pawn shops and Radio Shacks, collecting and modifying cheap guitars and faltering equipment along the way.

In 1999 Garcia founded Nophi Music Co., over which he has presided since. Serving largely as an experimental electronic music label, Nophi has accommodated many up-and-coming artists along the way. Currently, the label functions primarily as a vanity imprint for the varied output of Garcia and friends.

Both Smoochyface and R_Garcia are currently booking 2021 tour dates. The latter will be a solo electronic performance, and the former with his power trio. In addition, Garcia will be touring as the drummer for the very heavy and melodic Dead Register, and will scrape elbows with lifelong pal Richard Dean Wilson on a Surf City Massacre Tour in 2022.